Ergogenic aids can be classified as; sports supplements: sports persons are often faced with the temptation of using alternative nutrition to boost their energy. The nutrition that they might opt for are protein supplements, Ribose, Glucosamine, Glutamine, Creatine and B-Vitamin. Most of these supplements are not illegal, however there are other parallel substance that sports men/women can use which are banned by almost sporting bodies. The banned substances are;
First, Ephedrine (banned but still easily acquired) helps athletes to endure and increase their energies. Ephedrine has many side effects on the users and should be avoided at all costs. Second, Anabolic Steroids; they perform in the same manner as the male testosterone; they improve the athletes performance although it has serious health implications on the user. Third, Caffeine; is a natural substance that has been in use for a very long time. Caffeine has no major health implications but most sporting organizations have prohibited the use of this substance. Fourth, Amphetamines; this substance stimulates the nervous system by improving the speed of response, concentration and gives the individuals self confidences. Amphetamines reduce appetite and are highly addictive (Laura, 2006, p.72).
Many athletes prefer using stimulus to improve their performance in the fields, steroids also known as corticosteroids or anabolic are strong substances that athletes have been using over a long time. People concur that steroids accelerates the metabolism and enables the athletes to perform much better than they can when they are not under the influence of the steroids. However, steroids have been tested and proven to be dangerous to the user’s health; consequently use of the stimulus in the fields is abolished all over the world and those who still use the do so contrary to the regulations.
Effects of Anabolic Steroid Use on Performance
Steroids have been found to improve the alertness and the skill of the…

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