SUGARCANECultivated Species:Saccharum officinarum
S. sinense
S. barberiWild Species:S. robustum
S. spontaneumMORGHOLOGY: * Tall perennial plant.
* Erects up to 5–6 meters
* Produces multiple stems.
* 4 principle parts: Root system; Stalk; Leaves; Inflorescence
* Sheath is green with red blotches.
* Scarious border.
* Inflorescence generally called the ‘arrow’ is an open panicle( loose, irregularly branched, flower cluster) ~ 30 cm + & tapering.
* Cane is slightly staggered; medium thick; slightly oval in c/s; internal tissue is yellow with purple tinge; rind hard; pith as small cavity.
* Node & bud slightly depressed.
* Buds are medium; plumpy; ovate.
* Most efficient storer of solar energy & its conversion into sucrose.GROWTH PHASES: 1. Germination Phase.
2. Tillering Phase.
3. Grand Growth Phase.
4. Mature & Ripening Phase.NUTRITIONAL VALUES:1 serving (28.35gms) of sugarcane juice has:
* Energy–26.6 kcal
* Carbohydrate–27.5g
* Protein–0.27g
* Ca–11.23mg(1%)
* Fe–0.37mg(3%)
* K–42mg(1%)
* Na–17mg(1%)ZONES OF CULTIVATION IN INDIA: * North western zone
* North central zone
* North eastern zone
* Peninsular zone
~45% of total Sugarcane area ~55% of total Sugarcane area
~55% of total sugarcane prod. ~45% total sugarcane prod.4 Peninsular+5 Coastal regions:
* Maharashtra ? U.P
* Andhra Pradesh…

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