Technological Advances of World War 1

Technological Advances of World War 1During world war 1 there are a lot of technological advances such as trench warfare, chemical warfare, tank/vehicular, submarines and airplane. Trench warfare was when large armies would dig holes in the ground to provide cover and shelter from machine gun fire and artillery fire. During trench warfare men would wait months before they were given orders to move or attack. During these times men would get horrible diseases because of feces, cramped living, rats and barely any food. Chemical warfare was born because of trench warfare. This is because mass armies could not break through the trench line so they resorted to using chemicals like mustard gas. This smoked out the enemy troops. After, they would send in their own waiting for the gas to dissipate, then taking the empty trench line. Tanks were created because of trench warfare. The tanks were able to go through barbed wire and the trenches with considerable ease. Submarines were used to block trade and ambush enemies. Another advance was airplanes. World War 1 was the first battles to use airplanes and had little effect on the outcome of the war, but was used for aerial photography. These technological advances only made the fight worse and harder. This is because disease from the trench warfare killed more men and didn’t allow those men to fight. The tanks didn’t go very far, wasted gas, and were easy to spot. Even though the tanks have their weak points it was the best weapon to use against a well defended trench line. All of these technological advances were focused on warfare and although it helped a little during the war, it didn’t do much but hurt the armies in the end leading to death and disease.

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