Tell You the Principle of Energy Saving Ball Mill

Ball mill is one of the key equipments used in ore beneficiation production line, and it can be divided into overflow ball mill, ceramic ball mill (chinaware ball mill) and energy saving ball mill.Energy-saving ball mill is the smallest particles can be fine grinding equipment. Ball mill machine has the advantages with simple structure, no moving parts, uniform particle size, high degree of dissociation, selective grinding is stronger; and low power consumption, small metal consumption, production per unit volume than conventional ball mills of 10 to 100 times.Energy-saving ball mill is the use of high temperature compressed air or superheated steam [or preheat gas), the mineral aggregate of ultrafine grinding, grading and drying operations at the same time a new type of dry grinding equipment. Energy saving ball mill mainly used in chemical, building materials and cement industries. Recent trends for grinding. Ball mill liner consumption is generally 0.10 ~ 0.15 kg / t, and less power consumption. In particular, the energy-saving ball mill in the grinding process to control the temperature rise, which for low melting point and poor heat transfer performance of a material ultra-fine grinding and grinding with other grinding equipment not rely point.The principle of energy-saving ball mill:Material from the lower right corner to enter the ring pipe, pipe diameter of 25 ~ 200 mm, pipe a series of spray see below, high-speed jet of air and material meet, due to layers of cross-section shot .. flow velocity range, particles with layers of the jet motion, and thus the flow rate of particles of the sentence is not equal to each other due to the impact and grinding the powder spit, the material injected into the fluid to be sprayed from the bottom right of the ball mills, the circular motion along the week, passing from the top of the grain discharge. Coarse powder grinding area and then broken back.Email: [email protected] cell:…

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