The Alchemist

The Alchemist
Some people may do whatever it takes to find their personal legend no matter what king of obstacles they must face. As someone is trying to find their personal legend, love will be an obstacle that they will have to face because they are leaving family and friends behind for their own self want. Facing negative feedback from others about being not being able to reach the dreams or that their personal legend is impossible to reach, will have cause them to question themselves and the dreams they are trying to reach. Once the dreams have been reached, there is the realization of what to do with the dream and will the outcome be worth all that was sacrificed. Therefore, setting goals high to reach these dreams may come with many unexpected obstacles that can affect the way they are achieved and how someone grows as a person.
Throughout the story, the symbol of love was a key obstacle facing Santiago. While he was contemplating his plan to travel and find his personal legend, he would always come back to the love of his sheep. He was afraid that if he left for his journey, he would take too long of a time period to get to the pyramids and his sheep would not be able to live without him for too long. He worried about them dying off while he was gone. Santiago was facing the obstacle of love, while others, like the merchant, were facing their own obstacles.
Swartz 2
During the years Santiago worked for the merchant, he would often ask him why he does not expand his crystal store. The merchant loves his crystals so much that he is hesitant to make changes on how he has been running his shop. Santiago suggested putting the crystal stand
outside of his store, the merchant was nervous that people would not see it as an advertisement for his store. He felt that it would be a risk for theft and damage of his beloved crystals. The merchant spent many years of his time for the love of his crystals, he did not want to risk anything…

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