The End of a Franchise

Edgar Chavarria
Louise Powell
English 1302_29
The End of a Franchise
To be able to play the very first College Football videogame ever created would require a working Sega Genesis along with a copy of Bill Walsh College Football that was made in the month of June in 1993. To be able to play possibly the last College Football game that will ever be made would require you to fast forward a little over 20 years from that date. On July 9th, 2013 the 21st edition of the College Football franchise was released under the name of NCAA Football 14 and is now rumored to be the last game of the franchise. With the future of this franchise uncertain the question of whether this is the best College Football game ever made will arise considering that the avid players will be stuck with this version of the series for quite some time. Many people argue that sports video games do not change from year to year, which means that countless users still have the 2012 and 2013 versions of the game. If you happen to be one of the content users with the older versions I advise you to continue reading, as I state why NCAA Football 14 is not just the best College Football videogame made to date, but possibly the greatest sports videogame ever made. The four areas of the game that I will evaluate are as follows: Dynasty Mode, Gameplay, Visuals and Sounds, and Ultimate Team.
In the Dynasty Mode of NCAA Football 14 it’s hard for the average fan to argue that anything really changed. However, this section of the article is the only one mainly intended for the “hard-core” fans. The major difference in this version is the “Coach Skills Tree” which is basically the method of upgrading your coach. In the past years of NCAA when a person would start a Dynasty mode the created coach would automatically be a powerhouse coach. That is no longer the case anymore because a user has to actually win and succeed at their coaching position in order to advance as a coach…

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