The Read Day

Who I am : I saw the light on this earth on — then my name was given —– and my father gave my name ———- it was a village in the district of 24pgs, far away from Kolkata, a full green rustic smell can be smelt there even now this has become a model village however I was brought up there played in the field all day long went to school on foot and enjoyed life there full. I belong to family, my parents my five elder brothers and three sisters. Everybody they loved me cared me and I too was their little ———. My father ran our family with his small income as a private clerk. I never thought of eating anything homemade, I was specially my dear to my elder sister who always looked after me I was given every opportunity to receive their love affection and care. I became little grown up and I was accompanied by my dear elder sister. We were hand to mouth in this financial scarcity and our survival was hard.
My primary and preparatory education : As I was brought up in a big family so everybody whenever they got time they taught me good things of life. At first I was admitted to a centre in our village at that time it was in vogue to send child to center what is now nursery today when I learnt to recognize my alphabets. Having spent their two years I as a little kid was admitted to a primary school at our village then there was no transport, no facility like this today, so I had to be accompanied by my elders to go to school. I was a good learner at that time teachers had loved me and I learnt many things. however I passed classes ii iii and iv at that time I stood second in my class that made me disappointed I always asked myself why I don’t get first because from my house they always insisted me on being first though to be second in the class made them much happy because it seemed to them that I was better in study
My admission to high school : The most nervous phase of my life I have ever spent when I got admitted

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