The Ural Mountains

If You Lived in Southeast Asia Liam Lamb
Rot. 3
S.E Asia Proj. Part 1: I would end up living in one of three cities which are: Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Macau; all of which are located in either the eastern or southeastern region of China and I would choose Shanghai. I would choose Shanghai because the city is a global financial center, it is a transport hub with the world’s busiest container port, and Shanghai sits at the mouth of the Yangtze River. Important physical landmarks in this area include the Yangtze River and the Yangtze River Delta. Shanghai has a humid subtropical climate and experiences four distinct seasons, the winters are damp and cold with cold Siberian winds blowing in from the northwest; summers are hot and humid with an average of 8.7 days exceeding 95 degrees Fahrenheit. I would choose Shanghai over the other two most populated cities because of its economy mainly.
Part 2: The major industries of China are: machinery, automobiles, energy, and steel. The top 5 major exports of China are electronic technology/ equipment, machinery, knit or crochet clothing, furniture/ lighting/ signs, and medical/ technical equipment. Based off the major exports of the country I would work in the electronic technology industry. This job is available because without laws restricting children from working they have enough people on the assembly lines.
Part 3: Three unique holidays are Chinese New Year which is the end of one year and the beginning of a new year which originated from folklore, Army Day is celebrated to commemorate the Nanchang Uprising, and Dragon boat festival which is to honor patriotic poet: Chu Yuan who drowned on the fifth lunar month in 277 B.C. These holidays are celebrated by setting up decorations, setting off fireworks, etc. Each of these holidays have a historical background.
Part 4: The official language of China is Mandarin. Mandarin is mainly spoken in China. Mandarin is spoken…

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