The Year 2050

The Year of 2050 Vlog Update , 1-1-2050 This year made of 20th anniversary since humans have lived on another planet than Earth . I’m scientist Annie Easley founder of live on Mars. Born April 25,1999, I grew up with technology that change every fast from computers to Laptops, game boys to Touch Screen Nintendo 3DSs, GameCube to Wii, flip phones to Iphones. As technology was coming up with bigger and better items in less time it always caught my attention. I began being able to process the new devices faster than anyone I knew. As I got older the more amazing ideas came into my mind and i put to use when I finished college and I never imagine myself to become one of the famous known billionaires. I intend to do these Vlogs for update on the world from my point of view,
Vlog Update , 6-25-2050 Life in the future has been very exciting. My next mobile phone is keeping an eye on the house while i’m on vacation ,Another thing, While surfing the net and downloading videos,My kids are lying on the beach or sitting on the train as all the information they need is been process into the brain with a blink of an eye , can you believe that. Now there is no such thing as death of old age and now its an option to get old!! You can be whatever age you want.. Vlog Update 10-10-2050 One day I was in a restaurant, and after checking my pockets I find out that you have forgotten my wallet when I tell the waiter she tells me not to worry hands me a WAP phone and says “just pick up that WAP phone and go to your bank’s website, insert a few details and transfer some money on to your smartcard. This very same card contains your passport, driving license, benefit book, credit cards,…

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