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Education has a tremendous impact on individuals and society. Many do not realize how vital a good education is to our children. Everyone should have a right to receive an education. I will discuss in my assignment why everyone should have a right to an education, if everyone should have the right to the same kind of education, who should be responsible for the provision of education, and my opinion of how our education system could improve.
The right to an education secures a better quality of life. The right to an education should be mandatory throughout the world. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights state “Everyone has the right to education”. Education can transform a life and stop a repeated cycle that family continues to dwell in like poverty. Experts argue not only children have the right to an education, but they have the right to an excellent education. An excellent education opens a child mind to wonderful possibilities.
The government should insure the human right that every child should obtain a quality education regardless of race, sex ,or religion. In our country many receive a better education depending on where they live and their economic status. It should not matter the economic status of a child to determine if they receive a good education. If a person lives in an area that suffers with poverty should not mean the education they receive is none or poor. Receiving a great education should not be based on the ability of a parent being able to pay tuition.There are many who feel that people should be educated to work a skilled job. There are many who argue that the mind should be expanded with knowledge known as academic education. Vocational education can be beneficial for the student receiving the education and is more of hands on education. Vocational education is known as an apprenticeship learning system. Some argue that vocational education better prepares you for the working world. Some feel academic…

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