Types of Meaning

13. Types of meaning-The basic notions on which the essence of meaning is based are: 1. L/ge is a semiotic system of a specific kindthe most complex and universal among all existing sign system in society.The most important function of all l/ge is the communicative function. 2. L/ge that exists in texts created in the process of communication. 3. L/ge elements are two sided formations in which there is the plain of expression or form and the plain of content meaning and they are interrelated. The referent is the connection between the linguistic sign and the object from the real world.The relation between the sing and tits referential forms is the so called referential meaning. The referent is not a single subject,but it is a whole class of one and the same objects or processes. The concrete object defined by the linguistic sign is called dentate. The second type of relation that exists is between the sign and the people using it. These subjective relations arecalled pragmatic relations of the sign so the meaning connected with them is called pragmatic meaning. These three types of meaning correspond to three basic divisions:semantics(studyi ng the referential meaning of signs);pragmatics(studyi ng the pragmatic meaning of signs);syntactics(stu.the intralingual meaning). In the first place the task of the translator is rendering all types of meaning in the translation as fully as possible though it is impossible not to lose part of the meaning in translating. Of all meanings the referential is preserved to the highest degree in most cases because human experience is more or less the same everywhere and if there are differences l/ge is constructed in such a way so as to render even an unfamiliar situation to those translating a giving text. to a lesser degree the pragmatic is reserved. To a minimum degree are preserved intralingual meanings. Every l/ge is a specificsystem of its own. Different types of meaning play different roles in text belonging to…

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