unit 27

Unit 27-Understanding Health and Safety in the Business Workplace
Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
The health and safety at work act is a legislation that covers health and safety in the UK. The health and safety executive is responsible for enforcing this law relevant to the working environment. The health and safety act protects health and safety for workers if there were any injuries to a worker when they are at work then they is protected by this law.
BAM Construction Site
In a BAM construction site to follow the health and safety at work act is very important, this is because in a BAM construction site there are many workers that have got different jobs to do that are a risk for the workers such as the crane driver, the job role for the crane driver is to direct heavy equipment from the floor around the construction site to the location it needs to be and without the right training the heavy equipment can slide of and fall on workers or on the building itself. However BAM construction site worker follow the health and safety at work act very seriously because there have been very few injuries at the construction site. In 6 months there have only been two injuries in the construction site and the injuries were minor however any injury that happens on a BAM construction site has to be reported.
The amount of risks that are in the construction site are very high and to have two minor injuries in the amount of time the construction site has been there is an achievement because this shows that this law is being followed rightfully. When entering the construction site workers have to wear helmets, safety boots, safety goggles, and illuminated jackets this is part of the health and safety and without this vital equipment workers are not allowed to step onto the construction site.
BAM Office
In a BAM office to follow the health and safety act is important because workers need a basic requirement such as there should be enough toilets for workers and…

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