Value of Education in the President’s Eyes

Value of Education in the President’s Eyes
There is an American story to which all people of the United States are connected to. It is a story of the hard work, people who refuse to quit and a love for a country that has provided endless opportunities. President Barack Obama addressed this story in his 2009 speech on education. He used it to justify the importance of earning a valued education in order to repay the debt each American owes his and her country. President Obama recognized education as an essential component in continuing the story of America.
The youth of America has an undeniable responsibility to itself. As individuals, each student, is held accountable for finding out what he or she is good at. This responsibility can be fulfilled by an education. With the opportunity of an education students are able to discover their interests and indulge themselves in learning of all kinds. Students have the chance to find their strong academic areas by taking different classes. Taking a class focusing on creative writing may spark an interest in literature or one about forensics may lead to a career in criminal justice. No matter what direction a student chooses to go in, he or she will have to work hard to be successful. Although failures may occur, such as poor test scores, students must use those experiences as learning tools that will aid their final achievements in education. Barack Obama used Michael Jordan as an example of someone who was not defined by his failures but rather allowed them to help create his success. American students must do the same in regards to their academic careers.
The work that is put in by the students of America will determine the outcome of their future, as well as the country’s. The United States will continue to face challenges and it will be up to these students to have acquired the knowledge to solve them. Besides being able to meet new problems with solutions, they will also have to create resolutions to older…

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