Waiting for the rise of the mining machinery industry

Compared to China’s mining machinery enterprises and their international counterparts,[url=http://www.mill-crushers.com/Mobile_Crusher/]mobile crusher[/url] there are a lot of potential to grow.From the point of view of the current domestic mining enterprises to develop, should think of the production level of excellent foreign counterparts, the domestic enterprise has a long way to go.On the annual session of parliament in March, the country has been in the way of the emphasis on innovative, with the development of low carbon economy type society.Vico heavy industry as the world’s leading mining enterprises, at the same time, also as a typical representative of the national enterprise, vico heavy industry also has been looking for the development of mining enterprises.
Vico heavy attention to the leadership of the development of the industry, the most recent period the company organized scientific research personnel for the company, to discuss the company’s development direction, at the same time also hired well-known domestic mechanical experts offer advice on the development of mining industry, after some discussion, experts have been thought to want to develop good mining machinery industry, must work in the following three points.
1, to get quality right.Quality is fundamental to the survival of an enterprise, its mining machinery products throughout the production process of every mechanical products of every parts and components, including the products of the factory and transport of each process.We vico heavy industry management tenet is “quality qualified to our obligations to society, excellent quality to make our contribution to society.”
2, to the development of intelligent route.Poor product competition has fallen from your mechanization to the intelligent direction of the product.Through the intelligent, can promote the social value of the product, as well as for competitiveness in global markets.Vico heavy industry in the development of…

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