Week 05 Hand-in Assignment

Week 05 Hand-in AssignmentGlobalization has faced out old fashioned business and organizational strategies and the process of doing things to stay competitive have changed, and business environment has become smaller and smaller every day through the use of ICT, and every organization or manufacturer are trying to convince or win customers at cost thus looking for attractive strategies which enable them win the customer and position themselves well in today’s competitive business environment. These strategies become the path through which these organizations strive to achieve their organizational objectives through the range of products and services they provide to the customer. These strategic initiatives are not only adapted to be competitive, however to improve quality, eliminates waste entirely, reduce costs and boost production time as well be able to meet the requirement of the consumer and for long-term planning.
Lean production is said to be the western’s name for Toyota Production System (TPS), this philosophy has a long history from the era of Henry Ford through Taichii Ohno and Oshigeo (Toyota Company). Although there were other top auto makers like Gotlib Daimler and Karl Benz, Henry Ford was found to have the first most “highly efficient assembly line technique of automobile manufacturing” In fact Ford had the capacity and he was the first to introduce conveyor belt system and mass production (Total Quality management, 2008).Toyota appear in the automobile scene in 1993 and try to imitates Ford’s conveyor belt production as well as the mass production system but Toyota had difficulties with Ford’s system due to a huge inventory requirement of that production system. “Necessity is the mother of the invention” so Toyota introduced a new concept which do not keep stock of huge inventories or “just-in-case”. This new concept was established to eliminate the entire inventory and order parts directly from the dealers (Just-in-time)…

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