What Chinese Shoppers Really Do but Will Never Tell You

What Chinese Shoppers Really Do But Will Never Tell You
China Shopper Report 2012Copyright © 2012 Bain & Company, Inc. and Kantar Worldpanel All rights reservedWhat Chinese shoppers really do but will never tell youContents
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Prevalent repertoire behavior Signs of loyalist behavior What brands are doing to win 5 9 9 14 18 20Rules of the road3In the first report of our series, we discuss the insights gained from a rare look at what shoppers really do at the point of sale, as opposed to what they say they do. The findings can help consumer goods companies determine the best strategy to grow and profit.What Chinese shoppers really do but will never tell youExecutive summary
When Chinese shoppers purchase most consumer products, they typically choose among several brands instead of showing loyalty to a specific brand. Winning shoppers in this environment is both a challenge and an opportunity for marketers. Success rests on understanding actual shopper behavior— what they do at the point of sale as opposed to what they say they’ll do in surveys. Bain & Company partnered with Kantar Worldpanel to study the shopping habits of 40,000 Chinese households. Our study helped us gain invaluable insights into how shoppers make purchases in 26 important consumer goods categories (see figure 1). for the same occasion or need (repertoire being the set of brands purchased by a consumer or shopper within a given category). Their willingness to buy a variety of brands is just as true for heavy shoppers in a category—those who are the 20% most-frequent purchasers in a category—as it is for average shoppers. It’s not a matter of brands being unimportant to these shoppers. Based on our experience working with clients in China, brand is always a major purchasing criterion. The importance of brands has been established by earlier Bain studies involving buyers in several food and non-food categories in China. In those…

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