What Is Education for and to What Extent Do You Think That It Is Inevitable That There Will Always Be a Social Hierarchy of Qualifications, Benefiting Some to Detriment of Others

What is education for and to what extent do you think that it is inevitable that there will always be a social hierarchy of qualifications, benefiting some to detriment of others?
The meaning of the term education and its purpose is not universally fixed making it a very different experience for each individual. To be able to define education one would need to first determine what education involves by looking at it as a process, a product or maybe as something that may be consumed or gained. These outlooks will vary depending on how education is seen by various people as it is through individual experiences of education that shape the understanding and definitions of what education can be (Bartlett and Burton 2007). By definition education is generally seen as the delivery of skills, information and knowledge passed from those who teach; teachers/lecturers to those who learn; pupils/students.
As a whole it is clear to see that common equations are usually linked between education and qualifications; solely based on the assumption that education is linked to being delivered within particular institutes in which we would have all experienced at one stage in our lives, that being primary or secondary school, college or universities. All of which leads to education being recognised through the academic recognition received from studying subjects taught in these educational institutes those being: GCSE’s, GNVQ’s, AS and A levels and Degrees which would be seen as an important part of what is termed ‘formal’ education.
From a young age I believed education was only My personal experiences with education would lead me to believe that education was and is intended to assist me in gaining the relative knowledge and understanding of new topics, subjects, places and people as well as a way for me to obtain the skills required to undertake particular tasks, employments and possible professional statuses i.e. Doctor, Teacher, lawyer etc. Education by…

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