Willow the Brave

The Kings Daughter Willow the brave, the wise, the little girl who had lost everyone. No one seemed to see me. Matted down ashen brown hair and crystal blue eyes. Plain and simple I didn’t stick out which I thought was a good thing when the Kings messenger heard news of war.
The king sent his eldest son Arthur to gather troops from the village. The Kings people were useless to him ,so those who would not fight would be killed in the massacre. My adoptive parents Jolie and Eli were to old to fight, and my older brother Garret had been dead for three years. So I decided that I should be the one to go to war.
During the war it had been brutal, freezing winters and disease killed most. My group and I held onto the few belongings we had, the only belongings that I had were the clothes on my back and my locket.
The last year of the war a few of my friends and I were given the honor to meet the king. I’ve hated the king for everything he had done to my family and for all of the . Everyone pretty much despises him even though we have never seen him. None of the other warriors wanted to go either because of how horrible the King was to his people, but when the time came to meet with the King everyone came. As we entered the castle I had a feeling something was amiss, I turned to go back through the door we came in and stumbled when I saw the painting on the wall. It was the woman from my mothers locket and beside her stood the King.
The group looked back to see what happened to me. The group went silent seeing the picture of the woman with my locket around her neck. Swiftly turning back around I head toward the door that would lead me to the horrible King and the Queen the people who gave me away when I was born.

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