Women in the Military

Austin Carter
Johnson 3
February 11, 2013
Persuasive Essay
Women? In the Military? Pshh! Women should not be given the ability to pursue a career in the infantry position for any branch of the military for a few simple reasons. It has been proven that women cannot handle the same physical and emotional stress that a man can. They would be a distraction to the male soldiers, leaving them incapable of maintaining full focus on battle. Lastly, there are situations during battle that American soldiers get captured and are used as hostages. Whether or not you hear about it, it is frequently occurring and if a woman is captured the “tangos” will pose a better threat to them. Potentially, they would use sexual force on the woman to get what they want.
To begin with, women cannot tolerate the same physical and emotional stress that a man can. It is very noticeable that women are not as physically strong as men. Their muscular development is simply not as good as most men’s, even that of men who are not that physically fit. This is important and it occurs for a reason. The female hormones, which determine all the secondary sex characteristics of men and women, tend to build more fat and less muscle in women ( Women and…). Another characteristic that most women have in common is their extreme sensitivity. In general, women are very emotional. They are easily depressed, disgusted, and scared. During combat, those are not very good characteristics to possess. Yes, men are sensitive as well. However, they are much more able to control this.
Next, the women will pose a great distraction to the men during combat. After be deployed in places like Afghanistan or Iraq with only your male comrades, a woman will very quickly draw your attention away from battle. Each day that goes by that woman will look prettier and prettier until eventually she’ll have your full attention and render you incapable of your full potential.
Lastly, women are at much more danger in…

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