Woody Allen: unrealistic Aspects and the Personal Value system

Unrealistic Aspects & the Personal Value System Writer and Director, Woody Allen, has created many unrealistic aspects in his films Alice, Broadway Danny Rose, Purple Rose of Cairo, and Radio Days. These unrealistic aspects portrayed in Allen’s films begin to challenge its viewer’s personal value system as well as their rationale and logical thought process. Although unrealistic, the depictions of such aspects does in fact play a key role in the characters development, while also allowing the viewers to relate to the feelings and atmosphere of the aforementioned films. Allen’s illustrations using impractical aspects and situations throughout these films causes the audience to subliminally suspend their personal values, as well as alter or disband their logic and rationale with the intention of assisting them in gaining the true concepts of his films.
The film Alice, is about a woman, mother, and wife played by Mia Farrow(Alice) who struggles to learn who she really is. When we first meet Alice we are introduced to her lavish lifestyle of shopping, manicures, acupuncture, and a nanny provided by her wealthy husband, Doug. We learn shortly into the movie that she is not entirely happy with the life she is living when she meets Joe, a charming musician and divorcee, whom she falls in love with. While trying to better understand herself and what it is she wants in life, she is referred to Dr. Yang who then leads Alice through a series of herbal remedies to assist her in answering her deep personal questions, as well as unlock who the real Alice is.
This film contains multiple unrealistic aspects primarily concerning the effects the different herbal remedies have on Alice. For instance, Dr. Yang gives Alice herbs that will make her invisible but warns her of what she may uncover. We soon find out that not only is Joe, Alice’s promising lover, sleeping with his ex-wife, but also that her husband is and has been cheating on her for some time. Alice witnesses…

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