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How To Write A Resume
Purpose: At the end of my speech, my classmates/audience will be informed on how to write a resume.
Introduction: How many of you here have applied for a job and had to turn in a resume? Well for those who haven’t, today you are going to witness three of the most important parts of making a resume. But some of you are wondering what a resume is? It’s simple. A resume is a summary about you that provides a employer with your qualifications for a job.
Central Idea: Using these techinques will help you make a good quality resume and can maybr even get you the job you are applying for.
Preview: We will first talk about how the job objective, skills and abilities, and accomplishments play a major role on making a resume.
Body: Informative Speech Many individuals have stressed out over job interviews and their resumes. I think that everyone has including me. It is very vital to have a quality resume if you want to get a good job after graduation. Stressing out over getting a good job and having a good resume is something that everyone in this room can relate to, I’m sure. If not then you probably have a great skill that many wish they had. Throughout my college career I have gone to numerous resume building workshops and have had numerous resumes myself to perfect it. I think that having a strong resume is very important and I think that everyone should have the chance to learn how to build a successful resume. What I’m going to teach you during my speech today is what a resume is, what to include in your resume, and how to set up your resume properly. First of all you need to understand what a resume is. In the book According to Career Essentials: The Resume by Dale Mayor, a resume is a marketing tool and an opportunity to sell yourself to your future employer. You want to show how you can benefit your future employer and list how you are qualified. During our economic recession, many people have applied to jobs that they are not…

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