Writing about writing

Writing about writing I believe writing is one of the greatest forms of expression. Writing can help people express themselves whether it is based on experience or free writing. Writing can help vent emotions that we feel. That is why I believe writing is not only powerful but also an essential tool. In my opinion, I believe there are three things that are difficult when it comes to writing. Writing can be difficult when you are trying to transmit a specific emotion or lay your thoughts into words. Sometimes what is difficult about writing is finding the correct words to describe what you are trying to convey to the reader. For instance, when trying to create a character in your writing you need to be able to provide a voice for that character. Providing a tone and being able to keep balance throughout writing can be difficult as well. I believe my writing strengths are few to nonexistent. I would say my strengths are in creative writing and free writing. Once I know what I am writing about I stay on task and focused. Providing detail in my writing is another one of my strengths. I believe I have a lot of weaknesses. One of my favorite weaknesses is writers block. Another weakness I have is grammar. I guess writers block sums up my greatest weakness. It is probably due to the fact that I have not been in school for over nine years. On top of that I have not read a single book. In my past nine years I have no writing experience. But prior to the past nine years, I had to write many essays for my English classes. I have been told by my English teachers that I am an interesting writer. I have also been told that I am somewhat gifted. Yet I have never been able to believe them. I feel like writing was easier during my high school years. Now the lack of practice is getting to me.

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